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Scientists in China have unvei_亚博网APP手机版链接 本文摘要:Amongthem,thecreationofaminiecosystemonthemoonssurfaceisduetobeledbyresearcherswithChongqingUniversity,reportstheChongqingMorningPost

Scientists in China have unveiled multiple tasks they plan to carry out as part of the lunar exploration program at the just-concluded Global Space Exploration Conference (GLEX 2017) in Beijing.在刚完成的于北京市举行的2017全世界航空航天探索交流会上,中国生物学家在月球观察新项目中公布了她们方案执行的多种每日任务。Among them, the creation of a mini ecosystem on the moons surface is due to be led by researchers with Chongqing University, reports the Chongqing Morning Post.据《重庆晨报》报道,在这种每日任务中,在月球表面建立小型生态系统将由湖南大学的科学研究工作人员领导干部进行。The mini ecosystem will actually be contained in an 18X16cm cylinder.这一“小型生态系统”本质上是一个18x16厘米的缸体。Its due to be put on the moons surface as part the Change-4 mission in 2018, according to Professor Xie Gengxin, head designer of the project.据此项目地总设计师杜重做专家教授答复,2018“嫦娥四号”每日任务中的一环便是将该缸体摆放在月球表面。


Potato seeds and the larvae of insects, including the silkworm, will be inside the cylinder.土豆种子及其还包含蚕以内的虫类稚虫都是会被摆放在在其中。The goal is to determine whether the potatoes can grow on the moon, and whether the insects can survive.此项每日任务的总体目标是确定马铃薯可否在月球生长发育,及其虫类可否在月球生存。If they can, this will be major step toward ultimately putting a fully-functioning human colony on Mars.假如如果可以的话,这将是最终在火花上建立一个功能齐全的人们殖民的最重要一步。

Scientists and researchers from 28 different universities in China are now working on designing the hardware needed to carry out the various tests.来源于中国28所高校的生物学家和科学研究工作人员已经期待设计方案务必进行各种各样试验的硬件配置。